Why is Community Service Important?

Why is Corporate Community Service Important?

Corporate community service embraces employee volunteering to support local society. In general, individual volunteering can come in many forms- giving time to chaperone a school function, delivering meals at a soup kitchen, planting a community garden, or organizing a community event, to name a few. Community service is an essential part of being a responsible citizen and doing your civic duty to society.

Check out the details of why community service is important and the numerous benefits that companies receive from supporting it.

Corporate Community Service
Corporate Community Service

What Exactly Is Corporate Community Service?

Corporate community service programs help organizational professionals to volunteer and accordingly, support a healthier society surrounding the business. These programs also build wellness among employees as volunteering promotes emotional intelligence and stress-relief. Employee community service also develops a more cohesive workforce by improving internal communication. It also supports improved output as workers are often appreciative of their company for supporting the areas they live in.

Volunteering activities hosted by a business might include a blanket drive during the winter months for less fortunate families, sponsoring and participating in a home build with Habitat for Humanity, or developing a workplace fundraiser for a chosen cause.

A worthwhile way businesses often develop volunteer programs is by connecting with community NGOs or non-profits to provide resources and support for their initiatives. Additionally, local universities and schools often organize charitable events that companies can sponsor or participate in.

One of our favorite recent examples of a corporation linking with an NGO or non-profit is:

D.C. United and Martha’s Table: D.C. United, a Major League Soccer club, began a partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic with local community non-profit, Martha’s Table. Their mission is to support Martha’s Table in its efforts to strengthen communities through improved access to education, food, and opportunity. Clubhouse staff helped package food items for Family Food Baskets. In addition, the team combined employee volunteering with CSR when it donated $50,000 to Martha’s Table and launched #UniteTheDistrict to raise funds for the Washington D.C. community to fight against COVID-19.

Benefits of corporate volunteering
Corporate Community Service

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate community service provides benefits for both the community and the organization. These benefits include:

  1. Live longer and healthier- According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, “people who volunteered spent 38% fewer nights in the hospital” than people who did not. Further research suggests volunteers also experience decreased stress levels.
  2. Improves employee engagement and aids cross-functional communication
  3. Developing emotional intelligence and provides a boost to self-fulfillment and happiness
  4. Supporting local community improvement in the area in which volunteering is completed
  5. Learning something new- people often develop or improve skills when volunteering such as public speaking, critical thinking, etc.
  6. Increased rates of employee retention due to greater personal satisfaction and emotional attachment to a company

Improve Your Corporate Community Service With Social Profit

Corporate community service is quite beneficial for all of the involved stakeholders. The return on investment for businesses continues to be proven. If you’re looking to develop or improve your company’s community service initiatives, you might consider Social Profit.

Social Profit is a platform designed to increase social responsibility collaboration and volunteerism by connecting for-profit organizations with NGOs and nonprofits. If your company is seeking to develop community service amongst its workforce, Social Profit can connect you with other like-minded organizations to achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

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