Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities Explained

Corporate volunteer opportunities provide employees paid days off to, you guessed it, volunteer. They are extremely beneficial to company culture and workplace satisfaction because employees get to choose to which causes they want to donate their time to. Additionally, many companies couple volunteer opportunities with annual matching programs. For example, TransUnion matches up to $2,000 per year, per employee in donations to 501c3 organizations.

In the last decade, corporate volunteering has witnessed a sharp spike in growth. As corporations have gained a greater understanding of the importance of work/life balance to their employees and public pressure has grown on businesses to contribute to their local communities, the trend has skyrocketed.

Check out these amazing examples of corporate volunteerism and learn how the practice benefits more than just the community.

Corporate Volunteering

Benefits Of Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

When corporate volunteering is encouraged and engaged with by a company, there are a host of benefits:

For Companies

  • A culture of selflessness that is beneficial to teamwork. Demonstrating a commitment to build healthy local communities develops more altruistic workplace behavior.
  • A more productive workforce including greater employee engagement and loyalty. After all, if you’re encouraging and helping employees to improve their backyard during work hours, they’re likely to appreciate the effort. 
  • An enhanced public image, including greater trust and brand loyalty among consumers.

For Employees and Stakeholders

  • An opportunity to upgrade both personal and professional skills. Volunteering can build confidence in people skills and also provide tangible career benefits through public speaking practice, logistics planning, etc.
  • Improved communication and networking with other employees and stakeholders in an organization. Volunteering is a community practice. Often, multiple people associated with a business donate their time together. That means you might finally get to chat with that company exec you’ve wanted to learn from.
  • A sense of internal satisfaction and fulfillment from giving back and contributing to society. This one should be self-explanatory.

For Communities, Nonprofits and NGOs

  • An influx of highly skilled new volunteers joins the community contributing to social initiatives and supporting other community members.
  • Building new partnerships and networks between a community, its constituents, and local organizations.
  • A greater understanding of the issues local community members care about and wish to support.

Volunteering in Action

Examples Of Corporate Volunteering Programs

Some of our favorite examples of corporate volunteering programs include:

  1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Gates Foundation takes commitment to the community to an impressive level. The organization provides paid time off for volunteering, but it also commits to 3:1 matching for employee charitable contributions, board service matching, and community grants.
  2. JP Morgan Chase: JP Morgan Chase has a unique volunteer program called ‘The Service Corps’ that utilizes the expertise of its global employee base by supporting volunteering with the company’s non-profit partners. That means Chase employees have the opportunity to not only remotely volunteer on three-month strategic projects but some employees even have the chance to spend three weeks in a community supporting Chase’s non-profit partners.
  3. National Basketball Association: Through its NBA Cares program, the world’s leading basketball league gives its workforce quite a few ways to support their communities. There is the annual NBA Cares Employee Day of Service. Additionally, during the holidays, each corporate department receives a budget to conduct a service project with a local community organization. Furthermore, employees have the exciting opportunity to grant a wish for a child in need through the NBA Cares Season of Giving program. 

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