Why is Corporate Community Service Important?

Why is Community Service Important?

Corporate community service embraces employee volunteering to support local society. In general, individual volunteering can come in many forms- giving time to chaperone a school function, delivering meals at a soup kitchen, planting a community garden, or organizing a community event, to name a few. Community service is an essential part of being a responsible […]

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities Explained

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate volunteer opportunities provide employees paid days off to, you guessed it, volunteer. They are extremely beneficial to company culture and workplace satisfaction because employees get to choose to which causes they want to donate their time to. Additionally, many companies couple volunteer opportunities with annual matching programs. For example, TransUnion matches up to $2,000 […]

The Benefits of Pursuing a Strategy of Social Responsibility

The Benefits of Pursuing a Strategy of Social Responsibility

Corporate understanding of the importance of social responsibility to business success has exploded. The benefits of pursuing a strategy of social responsibility are not only helpful to society, they are also tremendously valuable to a company‚Äôs image, culture, and employees. Social responsibility typically refers to the idea that an organization should operate with the benefit […]