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As a charitable or non-profit organization, finding the resources and support you need can be difficult. Businesses with similar values may be willing and well-positioned to help your organization address long-term goals and needs. We’re here to help your organization save a lot of time and effort by ensuring you and your strategic partners are able to focus on what you do best. Social Profit recognizes the importance of making connections for a shared cause and provides a platform developed specifically to enable collaboration among such non-profits, NGOs, companies, and organizations! Based on your organization’s needs, we recommend matches and help facilitate further connections. As we prepare to launch our platform in early 2021 we are running several social impact campaigns, including C.A.R.E. + Clean Air, to demonstrate the value of these kinds of collaborations.

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Current Projects

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CARE + Clean Air

In response to the California wildfires, we are proud to be working alongside CARE, DataDay Design – our parent company – and a number of community partners to bring air purifiers and air quality monitoring to San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. Through individual contributions and corporate partnerships we plan to install air purifiers and air quality monitoring equipment in 100 households in the Potrero Hill public housing development. We’ll be prioritizing households with individuals with higher respiratory risks, such as seniors, newborns, and those with pre-existing conditions.

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